Agenda Items for Monday May 15th

15 May

*A reminder that all late assignments (posted on the whiteboard) MUST be submitted by Tuesday May 30th to be considered for your Term 2 Report Card

Language– A Monster Calls reading logs are due Friday (instructions posted on Google Classroom)

History– Unit 1 test on Wednesday (study materials posted on Google Classroom)

Math– Geometry B- Intersecting lines and transversals.  Materials posted.

*Sherwood trip forms due Wednesday


Agenda Items for Thursday May 11th

11 May

Math– Geometry: classifying quadrilaterals quiz tomorrow.  Use the organizer attached in Google Classroom to help you prepare

Science– Fluids test tomorrow

History– Louis Riel essay due tomorrow


Agenda Items for Wednesday May 10th

10 May

Science– Fluids test on Friday

History– Louis Riel essay due Friday, unit 1 test next Wednesday (study sheet posted on Google Classrooms)

*A list of late assignments has been posted in the classroom.  Please refer to the list and do your best to complete and submit what you are missing ASAP.

*Sherwood people: please bring in your permission forms for next week’s trip


HWDSB Summer Opportunities

09 May

The following flyers were sent home today:

Please click for a digital copy.

Summer Floorball & Literacy Program

Agenda Items for Tuesday May 9th

09 May

Math– Geometry: Classifying Quadrilaterals lesson is now posted, for those who want to start making notes.

*tomorrow, we will tackle the “diagonals” portion of the lesson

Language– ATCT reflection is now overdue.

*A Monster Calls- We have formally started response #1 (slides 3 and 4 of the PowerPoint).  Pick one of the two options to serve as task #1

History– Louis Riel essay- good copy due Friday

*Pita Pit orders due Monday (May 15th)

Agenda Items for Monday May 8th

08 May

Math– toy trucks assignment is now due.  Please put your answer sheet and calculations in the in-box and leave your truck on your desk

Language– ATCT reflection due today (submitted in Google Classroom)

History– Louis Riel essay (good copy) due Friday

Agenda Items for Thursday May 4th

04 May

*A reminder that Open House is tonight (5:30-7).  Hope to see you there.

*Special thanks to all those who contributed to our multicultural potluck today

Language– We will complete the ATCT Reflection task tomorrow, in-class (see Google Classroom for a copy of the questions)

Math– One more in-class opportunity to finish your toy trucks tomorrow.  Tomorrow is build and decorate day.  To be ready, please ensure that you have all your nets designed.  This assignment is due Monday.

History- Louis Riel Essay- rough draft should be submitted to Google Classroom BEFORE class tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s time is dedicated to editing, revising, and sourcing.  Good copy is due next Friday.

*A reminder to keep bringing in your Ottawa forms, health forms, grad ticket forms

Agenda Items for Wednesday May 3rd

03 May

Math– You have been given an extension on your toy trucks assignment.  This assignment is now due on Monday.  Two more periods will be provided in-class to continue to work on this.  Please plan to be done your nets by Thursday so that you can use Friday’s time to decorate and put your truck together.

Language- Analyzing Text Culminating Task is now overdue.  We are completing our follow-up activities tomorrow, so please ensure that you have submitted your good copy of your text by then.

*Multicultural Potluck- please remember to bring in your items tomorrow.  We plan to have our potluck after first nutrition break (approx. 11 am)

*please keep bringing in your Ottawa forms, health forms, grad ticket requests

Agenda Items for Tuesday May 2nd

02 May

Language– Analyzing Texts Culminating Task due tonight.  Please submit a digital copy on Google Classroom by the end of the day.

*Follow-up activity is scheduled for Thursday

Math– Toy Trucks Assignment is due Thursday (2 periods left to work on it)

*We have moved our class cultural potluck to Thursday.  If you would like to bring an item, please get permission tonight

*Tomorrow is cultural clothing day.  Feel free to wear clothes that represent your culture

Agenda Items for Monday May 1st

01 May

Language– Analyzing Texts Culminating Task is due tomorrow (by the end of the day).  One period left, in class, to finish up.

*Follow-up activity is scheduled for Thursday.  In order to participate, you MUST have your good copy completed by then

Math– Toy trucks assignment.  3 periods left to finish your nets, decorate and build your truck.

*Multicultural Potluck- If you wish to participate in Wednesday’s pot luck, please get permission tonight and sign up tomorrow

*keep bringing in your health forms and grad ticket requests

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