Agenda Items for Monday March 27th

27 Mar

Language– still waiting on a few Editorial good copies (they were due Friday). Those who have not submitted by tomorrow will need to stay in at nutrition break.

*Instructional Texts Analysis assignment due Wednesday

Math– Today, you received your mark in Term 2 Number Sense.  There will be a unit test on Thursday.  Please review your previous assessments to set some goals for Thursday.  A review will be provided tomorrow and we will take up review questions on Wednesday

*Phys. Ed. tomorrow (dress appropriately)

*Pita Pit day Wednesday

*Ottawa Trip meeting tomorrow @ first nutrition break

Agenda Items for Wednesday March 22nd

22 Mar

Language– editorials due Friday (strict deadline: due BEFORE period 5.  There is now a space on Google Classroom to post your good copy

Music– due Friday

Math- percents check-in assessment tomorrow.  Please use the resources posted on Google Classroom to help you prepare

Agenda Items for Tuesday March 21st

21 Mar

Science– lab report due tomorrow

Math– percents check-in assessment on Thursday.  Tomorrow you will have some time in class to practice but questions are posted on Google Classroom, if you want to get a head start.

Language– Editorial good copies are due on Friday (one or two periods in class left to work on it)

Agenda Items for Monday March 20th

20 Mar

*Science– lab report due Wednesday

*Language– editorials: rough copy due today (posted on Google Classroom), good copy due Friday

*Math– Applications of percents- today we covered discounts.  Tomorrow, we will finish with interest.  Check-in assessment scheduled for Thursday. Please use the resources provided to prepare and practice

*back to Phys. Ed. tomorrow, so dress appropriately

*Fun in Fitness tryouts tomorrow after school (the only one)

*Ottawa payments due today, registration forms overdue

Agenda Items for Wednesday March 8th

08 Mar

Dance-a-thon tomorrow.  Remember to wear white

Language– editorials- drafts due Thursday (be ready to start the editing/revising process on the first day back from March break)

Agenda Items for Monday March 6th

06 Mar

*Dance-a-thon forms and donations are due tomorrow

Language– editorial rough drafts are due Thursday.  Please use the instructions and organizers provided on Google Classroom to assist you

Math– today we finished rates.  Please use the resources provided to keep practising (Superbear task, basic practice questions, the bagels (level 4) question)

Science– lab write-up due Wednesday

Agenda Items for Wednesday March 1

01 Mar

Language– a reminder that “week 4” of POV Reader’s Notebook is a catch up week.  No new assignment this week (just keep up-to-date with your chapter summaries).  Use it as an opportunity to complete any week 1-3 tasks, if you missed one.

*Editorial assignment- be prepared to share the topic of your editorial with me tomorrow (and be prepared to answer the questions associated with step 2 to show that you have enough information to move forward with your draft)

Math– Rates lesson is posted.  We will finish it tomorrow, but feel free to work ahead

French– test tomorrow or Monday; your choice

Agenda Items for Tuesday February 28th

28 Feb

Music– Black History Month assignment due today

Science– please have your lab write-up ready (you cannot attempt your lab until the written part is done)

French– test Thursday or Monday (your choice)

Language– Editorial assignment instructions have been posted.  Please have your suggested topic ready to share by Thursday (use steps 1 and 2 as a guide)

Agenda Items for Monday February 27th

27 Feb

Language– Editorial assignment due today (instructions posted on Google Classroom)

*POV Reader’s Notebooks- Week 3- group 4 due today, group 5 due tomorrow

Math– ratios check-in assessment tomorrow (use Google Classroom to prepare)

Agenda Items for Thursday February 23rd

23 Feb

History– Flags assignment due tomorrow

Language– POV Reader’s Notebooks- groups 1 and 2 due today, group 3 due tomorrow

*Editorial Page assignment due Monday

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