Agenda Post for Monday October 1st

01 Oct

*Spirit wear orders are due Oct. 8

*Bring back your signed lunch permission note

Math– quiz 2 was returned today.  We are now preparing for your Number Sense Unit Test, which will be held on Thursday.  Tomorrow you will receive an organizer to help align your focus and some review questions.

Language– If you find any business cards in the the community, bring them in. We will use them as part of our study

*Business card questions for Mme. Jones or Miss. Sun are due Thursday

*Business Card submission is due next Tuesday (Oct 8)

Art– bring in an item for observational drawing tomorrow (still life, with lots of imperfections/detail)


Agenda Post for Thursday September 27th

27 Sep

*Gym tomorrow (dress appropriately)

Language– Everland Character Cover Letters are now overdue.  Please complete and submit ASAP

*our next focus is business cards.  The intro. lesson and assignment are posted.

Geography– Inquiry Project Phase 1 is now overdue.  We are starting phase 2 tomorrow so please complete step 1 ASAP

Math– no homework tonight.  Enjoy the night off after your quiz:)

Agenda Items for Wednesday September 26th

26 Sep

*Picture Day tomorrow

Math– Quiz 2 tomorrow.  Please use your Google Classroom resources (or your paper review, if you are on an IEP) to prepare

Language– Everland Cover Letters due today

Geography– Phase 1 of your Idea Place to Live project is due today

Agenda Items for Tuesday September 25th

25 Sep

*School photos (not grad photos) are scheduled for Thursday

Math– last night to focus on Integers.  Tomorrow, we will review for quiz 2 in preparation for Thursday’s quiz.

Language– Everland Cover Letters are due tomorrow (one more period in class)

Geography– Phase 1 of your project is due at the end of tomorrow’s period

Agenda Items for Monday September 24th

24 Sep

Math– We started our work with Integers today.  The lesson, practice opportunities, and videos are posted on Google Classroom.

We will take up the following questions tomorrow (found on slide 11 of the lesson):

(-3) + (-2) =     (-1) – (-9) =     (-4) + (+6) =     (+2) – (-8) =

(+5) + (-6) =    (-5) – (+7) =   (-3) + (+2) =     (+2) – (-2) =

*Quiz 2 tentatively scheduled for Thursday

Language– Everland Cover Letter due Wednesday (2 more periods left to work on it in class).  See Google Classroom for resources and assessment information.

Geography– Inquiry Project Phase 1 due Wednesday

Agenda Post for Wednesday September 19th

19 Sep

*A reminder that Meet the Teacher is tonight from 5:00-6:30.  We hope to see you!

*gym tomorrow- dress appropriately

Math– one more day to finish our focus on Operations with Decimals.  Keep practising and narrowing your focus using the resources provided on Google Classroom

Language– Cover Letter ROUGH DRAFT was due yesterday.  Please submit ASAP, if you haven’t already done so.


Agenda Post for Tuesday September 18th

18 Sep

Language– Cover Letter ROUGH COPY due today (submitted in Google Classroom)

Math– NS 1.6- Operations with Decimals resources have been posted.  Lots of stuff there, so don’t expect to get through all of it today.  We will spend at least one more day (in class) working through this

Science– Lab 1 due tomorrow (submitted in Google Classroom)

MusicBenefits of Music Education Assignment due Monday

Geography- for Thursday, please be prepared to tell me who you wish to work with and what place you want to focus on for Project 1 (the ideal place to live presentation)

Agenda Post for Monday September 17th

17 Sep

*A reminder that Meet the Teacher is this Wednesday (September 19th) from 5:00-6:30

*PA day this Friday (September 21st)

Language– Cover Letter ROUGH COPY is due tomorrow.  Please submit on Google Classroom or in the inbox

Science– Lab #1 is due Wednesday

Math– NS 1.5- Order of Operations resources have been posted

Agenda Items for Thursday September 13th

13 Sep

Language– Cover Letters- rough draft due Tuesday.  Tomorrow will be the last time provided (in class) to work on this.

Music– please finish your graphic organizer for next class

Math– nothing new today because we took up yesterday’s quiz but the next lesson has been posted if you want to preview.

*gym tomorrow (please dress appropriately)

Agenda Post for Wednesday September 12th

12 Sep

*Gym tomorrow (please dress appropriately)

*student questionnaires are now overdue

Math– no new homework tonight but if there are things that you know you would like to improve on from today’s quiz, tonight would be an excellent time to do so

Language– paragraphs 1 and 2 are now overdue.  Please submit ASAP

*keep working on your “Classroom jobs” cover letter

-use the Classroom Jobs Classifieds  to pick the job you want to apply to

-Use the Cover Letter resources that have been posted to get a sense of how to start

-start writing your ROUGH DRAFT.  We will use class time tomorrow and Friday to complete this

*all resources have been shared on Google Classroom


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