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Agenda Items for Monday December 19th

19 Dec

*Pita Pit Day is Wednesday

*Pyjama Day Wednesday

*Winter Dance/choice activities Thursday- please bring in your $2 donation ASAP

*Red, White, and Green day is Friday.  Holiday assembly is Friday morning


*The following assignments should be submitted before the break:

-Night Gardener Memoir presentation

-All 3 Healthy Living assignments (sandwich search, healthy lunch w/ micro- and macronutrients, healthy living poster)

-2 geography Quality of life assignments (choice assignment and HDI scatter plot)

-2 Data Management assignments (histograms and scatter plots

Digital Citizenship Guidelines

01 Sep

Digital citizen

Recommended Supplies List

28 Aug


– a scientific calculator (not your cell phone)




-3-ringed binder paper

-binder(s) for:




-Social Studies (History/Geography)




-art supplies (pencil crayons, markers, scissors, glue stick)

-a math set (a compass is essential for Grade 8s)

Welcome to 8A’s Website

18 Oct

Welcome to Mr. Thompson’s Webpage!  Here you will find an online agenda, links to resources, and a school calendar to remind you about what is going on at Lawfield.

To use the site, please check out the links along the righ-hand side of the page.  Posts are organized by category.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Looking forward to an excellent school year!

Mr. Thompson

Class 8A

Mr. Thompson's Classroom Website

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