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Agenda Items for Monday September 18th

18 Sep

Language– RNB #1 (Top 7 list) is due today.  Please submit by midnight on Google Classroom

Math– NS 1.4- Different Forms of Numbers- please make sure you have attempted the practice questions.  We will take them up tomorrow.

The rest of the math for the week is also posted.  Feel free to take a look ahead, if you are feeling ready.

Agenda Items for Thursday September 14th

14 Sep

Science– living/non-living quiz tomorrow

Language– Top 7 List due on Monday (in Google Classroom).  Focus on chapters 1-6

Agenda Items for Wednesday September 13th

13 Sep

Math– quiz on Scientific Notation and Prime factorization tomorrow.  Please use your digital resources to prepare (lessons, practice questions, videos, website links)

French– test tomorrow

Science– quiz tomorrow (living and non-living)

Language- Reader’s Notebook #1 (top 7 list) due Monday

Agenda Items for Monday September 11th

11 Sep

*A reminder that tomorrow is Lawfield Leadership day (for our  grades 7 and 8). Be prepared to be outside for most of the day (dress for the weather)

*Forms are now overdue.  Please bring them back ASAP

*Student survey is overdue.  Please submit on Google Classroom

Math– Prime Factorization resources are posted on Google Classroom (lessons, practice questions, helpful videos).  Please review and practice.  We will have a quiz on this on Thursday

French– test Thursday

Agenda Items for Wednesday September 6th

06 Sep

Math– Scientific Notation resources (lesson, practice questions, videos, have been posted).  We will have some time to work on this in class tomorrow, but if you would like to get a head start, please visit our Google Classroom site.

Repeated reminders from yesterday (for those who still need them):

-please bring back (signed) information forms

-those who took agendas-please bring in your payment ($4)

-please make sure you have a lock on your locker by the end of the day

-Student Information survey due on Friday (in Google Classroom)

Agenda Items for Tuesday September 5th

05 Sep

Welcome back!

-Please fill out, sign, and return the information forms sent home today ASAP

-Student survey due Friday (submit on Google Classroom site)

-for those who took agenda, please bring in your agenda money ($4) ASAP

-3-pitch tryouts start tomorrow (3:30-5:00 @ Henderson)  You need a signed form to participate

-please get a lock for your locker (if you haven’t already done s0)

Learning to use Online HWDSB tools

09 Sep

If you are done your survey and are looking for something to do, why not start to learn how to use your online tools?  Under the “Links”tab on the right-hand side of the website, click on HWDSB dashboard. As a student, you have access to many of the tools listed.

You all have your username written in your agenda (stickers to come) and you have all reset your password.  Feel free to explore the following:

-Office 365 (your email account)

-Google Apps (your Google Docs account)

-HWDSB commons

*Our Google Classroom site (not on the dashboard, but linked to your HWDSB log-in).  To join our classroom, you have two options: log into your e-mail and find your invitation, or join using the class code.

We will be doing tutorials about how to use all these things, but it never hurts to preview.  Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

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