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Agenda Post for Tuesday June 12th

12 Jun

*An important letter regarding Athletic Banquet was sent home to those who are attending today

Language– A Monster Calls Reading Response #1 due today

Agenda Items for Monday June 11th

11 Jun

*Grad ticket requests and money ($40) are now overdue.  If you have not yet submitted these items, please do so ASAP

Drama– Drama Reflection Activities are due Friday.  Please see the schedule attached to Google Classroom for a reminder of when your group is scheduled to present

Agenda Items for Wednesday June 6th

06 Jun

Language- A Monster Calls Response Activity #1 is due Tuesday

History– for those who were away today, please be prepared to complete your History test tomorrow

*A reminder that all grad and athletic banquet stuff (forms, payment, ticket requests, table requests) are due tomorrow

Agenda Items for Tuesday June 5th

05 Jun

History– Unit 1 test tomorrow.  Please use your review and the three posted lessons to continue to prepare

Language– tomorrow is the last day that ATCT reflections will be accepted.  After Wednesday, these will be considered 0.

*grad ticket requests and money ($40) due Thursday

Agenda Items for Monday June 4th

04 Jun

Math– Probability lesson (talking points) has now been posted.  Remember, we will do our assessments in- class, I am just posting in case you want to review any of the games or any of the concepts we have covered so far

Language– Last call for ATCT texts (10 days over due).  You have until Wednesday to submit your reflections.  After these deadlines, your mark will be considered a 0 (for whatever portion you have yet to submit)

*Please keep bringing in your grad ticket requests, your grad $, your athletic banquet forms/$/table requests.  All are due on Thursday

Agenda Items for Tuesday May 29th

29 May

*An important letter regarding Graduation payment and ticket requests was sent home today.  It is due back to the school on June 7th


Agenda Items for Monday May 28th

28 May

Math– Geometry test tomorrow. Please use your review and the posted lessons to help you prepare

Language– ATCT Reflection task due today

Agenda Items for Wednesday May 23rd

23 May

*A reminder that our “Fiddler on the Roof” trip is tomorrow.  If you have not yet brought in your forms and money ($7), please do so tomorrow


Language– ATCT presentations on Friday.  One period will be provided in class tomorrow to put any finishing touches on your project.

Math– Euler’s formula lesson from today is posted.  Please be familiar with the formula and the properties (sides, vertices, edges) of 5 platonic solids that we covered ]

*dilation art is due today (the 4 “shrinkages” of your shape on the cartesian plane)

History– A reminder that your Louis Riel essays are overdue.  Sat. May 26th is the last day to submit.  After Saturday, your mark is considered 0.

Agenda Items for Tuesday May 22nd

22 May

Language– ATCT needs to be ready to present on Friday (May 25th).  3 more periods in class to work on this (two tomorrow, one on Thursday

*gym tomorrow

*please bring in your trip forms tomorrow for Thursday’s Fiddler on the Roof trip

Agenda Items for Wednesday May 16th

16 May

*A reminder that the Sherwood trip (for those attending Sherwood) is tomorrow.  If you have not yet brought in your form, you need it tomorrow in order to attend

Math– Similar figures lesson is posted on Google Classroom.  Feel free to keep working on associated task but no due date has been established yet.

Language– good progress shown with your ATCT’s based on our check-in today.  We will establish an updated due date by the end of the week.  Presentations will definitely be happening on Friday May 25th.

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