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Agenda Post for Thursday November 15th

15 Nov

*Sherwood trip forms are due tomorrow

*Scientists in the School Workshop tomorrow (periods 1-3)

*French Test tomorrow.  Use your study sheet to prepare

Agenda Items for Wednesday November 14th

14 Nov

*Sherwood trip forms are due Friday

French– test Friday

Science– you have science tomorrow.  Please bring in materials for your cells project, if you plan to work on it in class

Math– PA 6 (Shifting the position number) lesson has been posted. We will finish the lesson tomorrow.  Remember, the last slide of each lesson presents an opportunity to practice the skills independently (at home or during FLEX time)

Agenda Post for Tuesday November 13th

13 Nov

Math– PA 5 (Patterns with One Colour) lesson has been posted.  Please see the last slide for your practice opportunity

French– Test on Friday

Science– please bring in your materials for your Cells project


Agenda Post for Monday November 12th

12 Nov

*Sherwood trip forms due Friday

*gym tomorrow; dress appropriately

Geography– Lesson 1b test is tomorrow.  Please use the lesson and the review organizer (both posted on Google Classroom) to continue to prepare

Health– What’s For Lunch? assignment is due tomorrow

Math– PA 4: Secret Pattern Challenge- there is a practice opportunity posted on the last slide of the lesson (for those who did not complete it in class today)

Agenda Post for Thursday November 8th

08 Nov

Language– TED Talk Diagnostic is due today

*Dogo News #2 is due tomorrow

Geography– Lesson 1B quiz is Tuesday.  We will review in class tomorrow

French– Test next Friday (Nov 16)

Agenda Post for Wednesday November 7th

07 Nov

*Due today’s poetry workshop and presentation from the community officer, we decided to delay our Math assessment until tomorrow.  One more night to prepare (using PA 1-3 resources)

We also pushed back our due date for the TED Talk diagnostic assignment.  This is now due at the end of tomorrow (Thursday)

*Photo Re-take Day is tomorrow

Agenda Post for Tuesday November 6th

06 Nov

Math– Composite Patterns check in assessment tomorrow.  Please use PA 1-3 to prepare

Language– TED Talk Diagnostic Task due tomorrow (end of school day)

*Poetry sessions periods 1-3 tomorrow (so no gym tomorrow)

*Photo Re-Take day is Nov 8.

Geography- Lesson 1b quiz will be next Tuesday (a review will be provided in class on Friday)

Health– What’s for Lunch? Assignment is due next Tuesday

Agenda Post for Monday November 5th

05 Nov

*gym tomorrow (dress appropriately)

Language- Dogo News #2 (1 Outfit, 100 Days) due Friday

Math– PA #2 (Pattern Building).  Please review the last few slides for a HW opportunity.  PA #3 has been posted.  We will work through it tomorrow

Agenda Post for Wednesday October 31st

31 Oct

*Last call for interview requests.  I am now all booked up for Thursday night but I still do have some availability Friday morning.

No homework tonight.  I appreciate all your recent hard work to get some pretty challenging assignments done over the past few days.

If you are participating, have a safe and happy Hallowe’en!!

Agenda Post for Tuesday October 30th

30 Oct

*Progress Reports were sent home today.  Please make sure you give them to your parents/guardians.

*If you have not yet brought back your interview form, there is a second one in your Progress Report envelope.  Please book an interview ASAP, if you are interested in one.

*Fall/Hallowe’en Activities will be during the last two periods tomorrow.  Options are dance, movie room, games room.

In order to participate, you must have all of the following assignments submitted:

*Lawfield Logos (Math)

*Classroom Jobs Application (interview completed)

*Geography Inquiry Presentation

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