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Agenda Items for Thursday November 16th

16 Nov

*Information about Sherwood’s Information Night was sent home today

Language– Night Gardener Memoir rough draft is due Monday

Science– Unicellular project due Nov 23rd (next Thursday)

Agenda Items for Wednesday November 15th

15 Nov

Language– Night Gardener brainstorming is now considered late.  First drafts are due Monday.  Please see Google Classroom for resources to help you with this.

*RNB 4 has been returned.  Last chance to hand in is next Monday

Math– Patterning and Algebra- Visual Patterns Quiz tomorrow


Agenda Items for Tuesday November 14th

14 Nov

Language– If you haven’t already done so, please submit your brainstorming notes/graphic organizers for your Night Gardener Final Project by the end of the night.

*Important information coming home today about the Mini-Yo-We trip

Agenda Items for Monday November 13th

13 Nov

Geography: Lesson 1b quiz tomorrow.  Please see Google Classroom for your quiz review and a copy of the lesson.  Notes that you make will be allowed during the quiz.

Language– Night Gardener Culminating Task: graphic organizer/rough notes due tomorrow (one more period in class to work on this)

*LAST call for RNBs 1-3.  Any not submitted by the end of the night will be considered as a zero.

Math– PA Lesson 5 is posted. There is a homework opportunity at the end.

*Pizza Day has been moved to Thursday for this week only.  Plan your lunches accordingly.

Agenda Items for Thursday November 9th

09 Nov

*Remembrance Day assembly tomorrow

Language– RNB 4 due tomorrow

Math– PA lesson 4 is posted.  See the end of the lesson for a homework opportunity.  I have also posted lesson 5, for those who want to work ahead.

Agenda Items for Wednesday November 8th

08 Nov

*A reminder that tomorrow is class picture day and photo re-take day

Language- RNB 4 due Friday

Math– PA 3 (Composite Patterns) assessment tomorrow (see Google Classroom for a sneak preview)

Science– some groups are scheduled to present tomorrow.  If this is you, please be ready

Agenda Items for Tuesday November 7th

07 Nov

Language– RNB 4 is due Friday.  No more class time will be provided to focus on this (only flex time)

Math– We are halfway through PA lesson 3 (composite patterns). Feel free to look ahead tonight, if you are looking for some Math tonight.

Science– re-quiz tomorrow

*A reminder about all the late assignments that need to be finished up ASAP (see previous posts and/or Google Classroom for specific details)

Agenda Items for Monday November 6th

06 Nov

*Picture re-takes and class photos will be Thursday

Language– RNB 4 is due Friday.  Instructions are attached on Google Classroom.

*All late RNBs (1-3) must be handed in by Monday, if you want them marked

Math– Patterning and Algebra- Lesson 2 homework is posted at the end of the slideshow

**Late assignments: Essay (good copy), Geography presentation, Lawfield Logos (Math)

Agenda Items for Wednesday November 1st

01 Nov

Language– personal essay (good copy) due tomorrow.  One more period to finish up tomorrow

Math– Patterning and Algebra Lesson 2 is posted on Google Classroom.  We will finish this tomorrow, but feel free to work ahead on your own

*Logo assignment is overdue.  Please submit ASAP

Geography– city presentations overdue

*please keep bringing in Mini Yo We interest letters and interview sheets (if you haven’t already done so)

Agenda Items for Monday October 30th

30 Oct

*Progress Reports were sent home today.  Please return your signed envelope ASAP.  If you have not yet brought back your interview request form, please do so by Wednesday.  Interviews are Thursday PM and Friday AM

*Please bring back your Winter Camp trip interest form

Math– PA 1 Guess my Rule- resources are posted on Google Classroom.  Check in assessment tomorrow.  It will be similar to the HW that we took up today.

*Logos assignment is now overdue

Language- essay rough copy is due today.  Tomorrow, we will focus on editing.  Revising is Wednesday.  Publishing in Thursday (good copy due Thursday)

*Still several late RNB entries

Geography– city presentations are now overdue

*Hallowe’en dance tomorrow.  Please bring in your $2, if you plan to attend.  Tomorrow is also the final day of the We Scare Hunger food drive.

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