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Agenda Post for Thursday April 26th

26 Apr

Language– Readers Write due tomorrow

Science– Science tutorials due next Wednesday

Math– we started building our good copies of our trucks today.  If you are not done your rough copies of your nets, please catch up

*gym tomorrow

Agenda Items for Monday April 23rd

23 Apr

Math– toy trucks: nets due Thursday

Language– Reader’s Write entry due Friday

*Orienteering forms and $ are now overdue

Agenda Post for Thursday April 19th

19 Apr

Math– toy trucks- task 3 should be completed by tomorrow

Science– keep working on your slides presentations.  Due date TBD

*Gym tomorrow

*orienteering practice tomorrow (3-4:15) bring a change of shoes and socks.  It’ll be wet!

Agenda Items for Wednesday April 18th

18 Apr

Math– Toy truck, task 3 should be completed by Thursday.  We start building on Friday

*keep bringing in your orienteering forms and money (for those attending next week’s trip)

Agenda Items for Wednesday April 11th

11 Apr

Language– Editorials are due tomorrow.  Please have your article ready to be printed tomorrow so your group can put their newspaper together

Math– Toy Truck- Task 1 should be completed by tomorrow (or you should be asking for help).  We will start Task 2 as a class tomorrow


*please keep bringing in your orienteering forms.  Spots are filling up fast!

Agenda Items for Tuesday April 10th

10 Apr

Language – Editorials go to the presses on Thursday.  You have now been put into news teams.  Tomorrow, you have one period to arrange your page and ensure that everyone has their editorial ready to attach

Math– toy truck assignment instructions are posted.  TOmorrow, we will share strategies for phase 1.  Please bring your attempt so you have something to compare.

*Orienteering- please continue to bring in your (signed) interest forms.  Spots are filling up fast!

Agenda Items for Monday April 9th

09 Apr

Language– editorial (good copy) due Thursday

French– letter reply due tomorrow

*gym tomorrow

*bring back your orienteering interest sheets (ASAP)- deadline: next Monday

Agenda Items for Thursday April 5th

05 Apr

Language– editorial rough drafts due today (all 5 paragraphs).  Please post your draft on Google Classroom.  We are starting editing tomorrow.

History– today is the LAST chance to submit your Confederation POV paragraphs (due 10 days ago).  If it is not submitted today, your mark will be considered 0.

Math– Volume of a cylinder practice questions posted on Google Classroom

*Gym tomorrow

Agenda Items for Wednesday April 4th

04 Apr

History– Confederation paragraphs are now 9 days overdue.  Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day I will accept them. After this date, this assignment will be considered a zero

Language– Editorial drafts (all 5 paragraphs) are due tomorrow

Science– please bring in your materials for tomorrow’s class

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