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Agenda Post for Wednesday March 28th

28 Mar

Language– Editorial Page- outline due tomorrow

French– see Google Classroom for due dates

Science– bring materials for your lesson for next Wednesday

Agenda Items for Tuesday March 27th

27 Mar

Math– Term 2 Number Sense Unit Test tomorrow (fractions, ratios, rates, and percent)

*a reminder that you can bring one page (single-sides) of notes with you to the test, if you make them yourself


*gym tomorrow

Prom Project Information

27 Mar

Agenda Items for Monday March 26th

26 Mar

Language Editorial Cartoons Analysis due today; Editorial (writing) drafts are due Thursday

History- Confederation POV paragraphs are due today

Math– Term 2 Number Sense Unit Test is Wedesday

Agenda Items for Thursday March 22nd

22 Mar

French– Emojis activity due

Language– Editorial Cartoons assignment due Monday, we have posted the Editorial (writing) Culminating Task.  Feel free to start on step 1 (brainstorming) as soon as you submit your Cartoons assignment

History- Confederation POV paragraphs due Monday

*Gym tomorrow

Agenda Items for Tuesday March 20th

20 Mar

*Gym tomorrow

Math– Percent Applications quiz tomorrow

Language– Vandalism in Hamilton response due today, Editorial Cartoon Response due Monday

History– Confederation POV paragraph due Monday

Agenda Items for Monday March 19th

19 Mar

Math– percent applications.  We will take up the practice questions tomorrow.  Quiz will be Wednesday.  Please use the posted resources to help you prepare

Language– “Vandalism in Hamilton” reflection is due today

*Political/Editorial Cartoons assignment due next Monday


Agenda Items for Wednesday March 7th

07 Mar

Language– persuasive letter replies due tomorrow

Math– percent applications lesson is posted.  We are part way through.  Feel free to look ahead (to discounts and interest).  Lots of practice opportunities posted, as well

Health– addiction final task- the last day Mr. Grant will accept it is Friday

**desk and locker clean out tomorrow.  Please bring an extra bag, if necessary

Agenda Items for Monday March 5

05 Mar

Language– persuasive letter replies due Thursday (see Google Classroom for an example of how to answer the questions; sample reply will be added tomorrow)

Math– percent resources are posted on Google Classroom.

Science– Unit test tomorrow

Health– Addiction final task is due today.  It will be accepted as late until Friday

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