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Agenda Items for Tuesday January 16th

16 Jan

*Grad photos are next Tues (Jan 23).  Information sent home today

*Information about the upcoming ropes course was also sent home today.  Payment and forms can be brought in any time.

Math– frequency table assignment due tomorrow

Geography– first group check-in is tomorrow.  Review instructions for a reminder of what you should have ready


Agenda Items for Thursday January 11th

11 Jan

Math– Survey Reflection sheet due tomorrow

Language– Big Questions assignment due tomorrow

*Gym tomorrow

Agenda Items for Wednesday January 10th

10 Jan

Math– survey questions now overdue

-survey activity due Friday

Language – Big Questions due Friday

Agenda Items for Tuesday January 9th

09 Jan

Math– survey questions due today

Language– Big Questions assignment due Friday

*Mini-Yo-We update was sent home today

Agenda Items for Monday January 8th

08 Jan

Welcome back!

Math– Data Management: survey questions assignment is posted.  Please create your 4 questions by the end of tomorrow (if you do it tonight, we may use some of your questions as part of tomorrow’s activity)

*gym tomorrow

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