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Agenda Items for Tuesday January 30th

30 Jan

*Tomorrow is our last day for the ropes course and climbing wall.  If you have not brought in your forms and $; last chance

*Please see post below about Out-of-Catchment applications

Language– Wordless Narrative assignment is now overdue

Math– Data Management Culminating Task is due tomorrow

Geography– Unit 2 project (Support an Organization) due Feb 2

*Thursday is the last day to submit overdue work that you wish to have considered for your Term 1 report card

Out of Catchment HWDSB Secondary Schools

30 Jan

Several HWDSB secondary schools (including Henderson) have announced that they are accepting Out-of-Catchment applications for next year.

Please see the following link for a list (use the ‘ Open to Out of Catchment-Secondary (2018-2019)’ drop down menu)

Find a School

The following sheet must be filled out and sent to the secondary school of your choosing before March 2nd.





Option sheets for each HWDSB school should be available on their website.

Agenda Items for Monday January 29th

29 Jan

Language– Wordless Narratives are due today. Please submit your good copy and your reflection sheet on Google Classroom (one per group)

Math– Data Management Culminating Task is due Wednesday.  One more period in class to work on it.

Geography– Unit 2 culminating task due Friday

*If you haven’t brought in your ropes course forms and money, your next chance to participate is Wednesday

*A reminder that any late assignments MUST be submitted by Thursday (Feb. 1) if you want them to be considered for your Term 1 report card.

Agenda Items for Wednesday January 24th

24 Jan

Math– scatter plots assigment due tomorrow; DM review/culminating task due next Wed.

Language– Wordless Narratives due Monday (good copy and reflection sheet

Health– tomorrow is your last chance to re-submit work (or submit late assignments)

*Westmount Notice of Intent due to Westmount Friday @ 4 pm



*keep bringing in ropes course forms and money ($5). Course starts Monday.


Agenda Items for Tuesday January 23rd

23 Jan

Math– Histograms assignment due today.  Scatter Plots due Thursday

*first three mini Data Management assignments have been returned. Several of you have yet to submit.

*A reminder that Silent Day is tomorrow.  If you plan to participate, please bring your $2 donation


Agenda Items for Thursday January 18th

18 Jan

*Mini Yo We payment #2 due tomorrow ($90)

*A reminder that both Westmount and Sherwood are hosting parent info. nights for option sheets tonight

Math– central tendency assignment due tomorrow

Agenda Items for Tuesday January 16th

16 Jan

*Grad photos are next Tues (Jan 23).  Information sent home today

*Information about the upcoming ropes course was also sent home today.  Payment and forms can be brought in any time.

Math– frequency table assignment due tomorrow

Geography– first group check-in is tomorrow.  Review instructions for a reminder of what you should have ready


Agenda Items for Thursday January 11th

11 Jan

Math– Survey Reflection sheet due tomorrow

Language– Big Questions assignment due tomorrow

*Gym tomorrow

Agenda Items for Wednesday January 10th

10 Jan

Math– survey questions now overdue

-survey activity due Friday

Language – Big Questions due Friday

Agenda Items for Tuesday January 9th

09 Jan

Math– survey questions due today

Language– Big Questions assignment due Friday

*Mini-Yo-We update was sent home today

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