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Agenda Items for Monday December 18th

18 Dec

Language– Found Poetry: if you have a novel that you want to use, please bring it in tomorrow

Geography– Population Pyramids assessment tomorrow.  Please bring your graphs so that you have data to use to answer the questions

Math– Algebra stories assignment due Thursday

Science– research overdue

*Gym tomorrow

*pyjama day tomorrow

Agenda Items for Thursday December 14th

14 Dec

Geography– Population Pyramids assignment is due tomorrow at the end of the day.  Please attach your spreadsheet and either take pictures of your graph or hand in your paper copies of your graph.  Either way, you NEED your graphs for next class

Literacy– several have yet to submit this week’s poetry/spoken word assignment.  It is now overdue

Math- Algebra stories are due next Thursday.  Please review the instructions so you know exactly what you need to complete to meet expectations

Agenda Items for Wednesday December 13th

13 Dec

Math– Algebra Stories assignment instructions and examples have been posted.  This assignment is due next Thursday

Geography– population pyramids assignment is due Friday.  No more class time will be dedicated for this so it is now considered homework

Language– spoken word/poetry work for week 2 is due tonight

Agenda Items for Thursday December 12th

07 Dec

Math– algebra quiz tomorrow.  Use your review, the lessons posted on Google Classroom, and the practice questions posted to prepare

Language- Anyone who missed their scheduled Night Gardener performance should be prepared to present tomorrow

*New poetry/spoken word assignment will be posted tomorrow or Monday but, if you are on a roll, continue to practice/experiment on your own

*gym tomorrow

Agenda Post for Wednesday December 6th

06 Dec

Language– final Night Gardener presentations are scheduled for tomorrow.  If this is you, please submit your good copy tonight

*Spoken Word rough work due tonight

Math– Algebra quiz on Friday.  Please continue to use your review to prepare.


Agenda Items for Tuesday December 5th

05 Dec

Language– spoken word work is due tomorrow.  Please see Google Classroom for a reminder of what should be submitted.

*4 more Night Gardener presentations schedule for tomorrow.  Please remember to submit your good copy before you present.

Math– algebra review will start tomorrow.  We have  a quiz scheduled for Friday.  Please keep practising using the resources that have been posted


Agenda Items for Monday December 4th

04 Dec

Language- four more presentations scheduled for tomorrow.  If that is you, please make sure you submit your good copy tonight

*Spoken Word drafts are due Wednesday

Math– today we covered “combining like terms” and “distributive property”.  Practice questions have been posted on Google Classroom

Geography– We will be working on our Population Pyramids assignment tomorrow.  Please make sure you have your graphs with you

*We have gym tomorrow


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