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Agenda Items for Monday October 30th

30 Oct

*Progress Reports were sent home today.  Please return your signed envelope ASAP.  If you have not yet brought back your interview request form, please do so by Wednesday.  Interviews are Thursday PM and Friday AM

*Please bring back your Winter Camp trip interest form

Math– PA 1 Guess my Rule- resources are posted on Google Classroom.  Check in assessment tomorrow.  It will be similar to the HW that we took up today.

*Logos assignment is now overdue

Language- essay rough copy is due today.  Tomorrow, we will focus on editing.  Revising is Wednesday.  Publishing in Thursday (good copy due Thursday)

*Still several late RNB entries

Geography– city presentations are now overdue

*Hallowe’en dance tomorrow.  Please bring in your $2, if you plan to attend.  Tomorrow is also the final day of the We Scare Hunger food drive.

Agenda Items for Thursday October 26th

26 Oct

Math– logos assignment due tomorrow.  Please post a picture of your logo good copy on Google Classroom and hand all paper copies (rough work, good copy of logo, good copy of calculations) into the inbox

Geography– City presentations due tomorrow

Language– there are still several RNB entries that have yet to be handed in.  Tomorrow is the last chance for you to hand in late submissions if you want them to be considered for the Progress Report

*gym tomorrow

*We Scare Hunger food drive continues

Agenda Items for Wednesday October 25th

25 Oct

Math– rough work for logos assignment should now be complete and submitted.  Good copy of calculations and logo are due on Friday (one more period to work on in class)

Language– kernel essays are now due.  Next step, turn one of your kernel essays into an essay.  Resources have been posted.  Due date TBD

Geography– city presentation is due on Friday.  Please remember that Friday is NOT a work period for this.  If you are not done, you should be working on it during FLEX time or at home

*We Scare Hunger- food drive and donations are starting to be collected tomorrow

Agenda Items for Tuesday October 24th

24 Oct

Math– Logos assignment rough work due today (calculations, rough sketches of design)

Language- Kernel Essays rough draft due today (3 minimum, 8 = level 3)

gym tomorrow

Agenda Items for Tuesday October 17th

17 Oct

Language– RNB #3 is due tonight.  Please submit your good copy in Google Classroom

Math– Continue to work with the applications of circles lesson and practice resources.  Today, we learned how to calculate the area of circles with holes in them (“donuts”) and how to find the area and the perimeter of parts of circles.

One more day to practice with these skills before we start our Measurement assignment.

Geography- tomorrow is the last chance to conference for step 3.  Please make sure you submit step 2 before you meet with me

Science– quiz tomorrow.  Please use your notes to study

Agenda Items for Monday October 16th

16 Oct

Language– RNB #3 is due tomorrow.  If you are not done yet, please finish tonight or tomorrow night.  No more class time will be provided for this task.

Math– applications with circles lesson and practice opportunities have been posted.  Today, we covered semi circles.

Geography– step 2 is now over a week late. Last chance to conference for step 3 is Wednesday

Science– Cell Analogy presentation start tomorrow

Agenda Items for Thursday October 12th

12 Oct

Math– Today we learned about area of circles.  Lots of practice opportunities posted on Google Classroom.

*Tomorrow, we will have a quiz on the basics of area and circumference

Language– RNB 3 due Tuesday (you will have one period, in class, to work on this on Monday)

Geography– Phase 3 starts tomorrow. Please make sure phase 2 is handed in and that you are ready to conference.

*Grad wear orders due tomorrow (cash or cheque only; no online orders)

Agenda Items for Wednesday October 11th

11 Oct

Math– Today we learned about circumference of circles.  Practice opportunities are posted on Google Classroom

Language– RNB 3 is due Tuesday.  Sample summaries are posted to help you get started.  Tomorrow, a sample assignment will be completed and added

Science – Cell Analogy Project is due next class (next Tuesday).  Be prepared to present.

*School photo proofs were sent home today.  If you wish to order, you can do so online or through the school.  Orders though the school are due Oct 18

Agenda Items for Tuesday October 10

10 Oct

Math– Introduction to Circles lesson and practice opportunities are posted on Google Classroom.  Lessons and materials for the rest of the week (Circumference and Area of Circles) are also posted, if you want to get a head start.

Geography– Phase 2 is now overdue.  I am starting to meet with groups on Friday for phase 3, so please make sure you are prepared to conference by then.

Science– One more period provided (tomorrow) for your Cell Analogy project

Language– Several RNB #2 still overdue.  RNB #3 will be due next Tues (Oct. 17th)

Agenda Items for Thursday October 5th

05 Oct

Math– Number Sense Unit test tomorrow

Geography– Phase 2 due tonight

Terry Fox Day tomorrow (first block)

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