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Agenda Items for Thursday September 28th

28 Sep

*A reminder that Meet the Teacher is today (from 5-6:30). Hope to see you there!

Langage– RNB #2 is now overdue

*please submit your chapter 14 or 15 summary today

Geography– question list due today

*Don’t forget to wear orange tomorrow

Agenda Items for Wednesday September 27th

27 Sep

Math– Quiz #2 is tomorrow.  Please use the review and the other resources posted on Google Classroom to prepare

Language– RNB 2 is due today

Geography– Questions due tomorrow

*gym tomorrow

*picture day tomorrow

*Meet the Teacher is tomorrow (5-6:30)

*Wear orange on Friday in support of Indigenous peoples

Agenda Items for Tuesday September 26th

26 Sep

Math– Integers focus in class is now complete. Please continue to practice tonight using your resources posted on Google Classroom.  Tomorrow we review.  Quiz on Thursday

Language– RNB #2 due tomorrow

Geography– question list due Thursday

*Meet the Teacher is Thursday

*Picture day is Thursday


Agenda Items for Monday September 25th

25 Sep

French– Snapchat projects are now due

Math– We focused on Integers today.  We will do the same tomorrow.  All resources are posted on Google Classroom.  Quiz scheduled for Thursday

Language– RNB #2 is due Wednesday.  You will have one period in class tomorrow to complete this task.

Geography– Mini Inquiry project- step 1 (questions list) due Thursday

*A reminder that Meet the Teacher is this Thursday (September 28th) from 5-6:30

*Picture Day is Thursday

*Fundraising information was sent home today

Agenda Items for Wednesday September 20th

20 Sep

Math– NS 1.6 (operations with decimals) was our focus today.  LOTS of practice questions have been posted.  If you need a reminder about strategies to use, please check out the lesson.  Time will be provided in class tomorrow, as well, to work on this skill.

Language– RNB #1 is now overdue, RNB #2 due next Wednesday

Geography– Pick a city for your mini inquiry project.  Phase one (question list) needs to be submitted by next Thursday.  The lesson and instructions are posted on Google Classroom.

Agenda Items for Tuesday September 19th

19 Sep

Language- RNB #1 is now late.  If you haven’t submitted, please do so ASAP

RNB #2 instructions have been posted.  Please check out the instruction cards and examples to determine which card you want to do.  RNB #2 is due next Wednesday

Math– NS 1.5 (Order of Operations) was our focus today.  Please check out the resources to review and practice

*Gym tomorrow

Agenda Items for Monday September 18th

18 Sep

Language– RNB #1 (Top 7 list) is due today.  Please submit by midnight on Google Classroom

Math– NS 1.4- Different Forms of Numbers- please make sure you have attempted the practice questions.  We will take them up tomorrow.

The rest of the math for the week is also posted.  Feel free to take a look ahead, if you are feeling ready.

Agenda Items for Thursday September 14th

14 Sep

Science– living/non-living quiz tomorrow

Language– Top 7 List due on Monday (in Google Classroom).  Focus on chapters 1-6

Agenda Items for Wednesday September 13th

13 Sep

Math– quiz on Scientific Notation and Prime factorization tomorrow.  Please use your digital resources to prepare (lessons, practice questions, videos, website links)

French– test tomorrow

Science– quiz tomorrow (living and non-living)

Language- Reader’s Notebook #1 (top 7 list) due Monday

Agenda Items for Tuesday September 12th

12 Sep

*we have Phys. Ed. tomorrow. Please dress accordingly.


*please see yesterday’s post about Math. You will have tomorrow’s period to review in preparation for Thursday’s quiz

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