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Agenda Items for Wednesday November 30th

30 Nov

Health– healthy meal assignment due tomorrow

Language– Night Gardener Memoir- Rough draft is due on Monday (submitted in Google Classroom)

*I have added a sample of a graphic organizer, rough notes, and rough draft for this assignment for you to use as a reference (attached to the Google Classroom assignment)

Agenda Items for Tuesday November 29th

29 Nov

Math– today we started to look at central tendency.  Please see Google Classroom for a copy of the lesson we started and some practice opportunities (for those who feel the need to review the basics).  We will continue with this lesson tomorrow.

Language– Night Gardener Memoir- rough draft due Monday

Geography– Quality of Life assignment (Awareness poster or compare/contrast) due next Wednesday (one more period provided in class to work on this)


Agenda Items for Monday November 28th

28 Nov

Language– Night Gardener Memoir- Graphic organizer due tomorrow (for a digital copy, visit our Google Classroom)

Health- ‘What’s for Lunch?- health living assignment due Thursday

Agenda Items for Thursday November 24th

24 Nov

Math– Algebra Quiz tomorrow.  Please continue to review/prepare

Language– One Person, One Memory assignment is due by the end of the day (submitted via Google Classroom)

Agenda Items for Wednesday November 23rd

23 Nov

Math– keep working on your Algebra Quiz Review (digital copy posted on Google Classroom). Tomorrow, we will take up questions from all four sections.  Quiz on Friday

Language– ‘One Person, One Memory’  practice assignment due Tomorrow (submitted via Google Classroom)

Agenda Items for Tuesday November 22nd

22 Nov

Language– “One Person, One Memory” is due on Thursday.  Written instructions have been shared on Google Classroom

Math– keep practising with the ‘distributive property’ and with ‘applications with algebra’.  Practice opportunities have been posted on Google Classroom

*Algebra quiz is scheduled for Friday

Science– finish Unicellular Organism activity

*All students who have brought in an Ottawa trip form now have a spot on the trip.  Payment #1 is now due for all those attending the trip.  Payments can be made via SchoolCash Online

Agenda Items for Monday November 21st

21 Nov

*A reminder that Sherwood’s Information Night is this Wednesday

Language– If you didn’t finish your Top 10 list (a list of ten important people in your life AND a reason why they are important to you), please finish your list by tomorrow

Music– trip Wednesday (for those who signed up)

Math– please keep working on the Distributive Property questions that we worked on today (posted on Nov 16 on Google Classroom.  Remember, questions 1, 6, 11, and 12 from the ‘solving equations’ page are a little tricky.  We will focus on those ones tomorrow.

*Those who are done with distributive property: see today’s Math post (Algebra Applications) for what’s next

French– Facebook assignment is now overdue.

Agenda Post for Wednesday November 16th

16 Nov

*Grad Wear orders were sent home.  Please check the accuracy of your order and let us know if there are any issues.

Math– balance model part 3 stuff is posted on the Google Classroom site.  Please attempt the distributive property questions.

*We stumbled across some high school Math today.  Remember to focus on the Grade 8 stuff before you explore quadratics:)

Language– personal essays are overdue.  Please submit ASAP

*’River Times’ memoir group- please be prepared to share tomorrow

Agenda Items for Tuesday November 15th

15 Nov

*Pita Pit forms and $ due Monday

Math– please attempt some of the ‘balance model- Part 2″ questions that were posted on Google Classroom.  Remember, the lesson is posted, too, if you need help.

Language– Personal Essay was due yesterday.  For those who haven’t finished-please do so ASAP

*Memoirs- For those who read “My Way”-please be prepared to share your attempts to answer the seven questions that you were asked.  For those who read “River Times”- you will need to be prepared to share on Thursday.

Music– some have a quiz tomorrow. If this is you, be prepared:)

Agenda Items for Monday November 14th

14 Nov

Drama– each group was supposed to record your performance today.  Please send me your video ASAP

Math: please finish the practice questions for “Balance Model Part 1” lesson (posted on Google Classroom).  We will start tomorrow’s lesson by taking a few of those up.

*tomorrow’s lesson is posted (for those of you who want to look ahead)

Language: a reminder that your Personal Essay (good copy) is due today.  Please submit on Google Classroom

*RNB #5 was due on Friday.  For those who have yet to submit, please do so ASAP

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