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Agenda Items for Monday October 31st

31 Oct

No homework tonight.  Have a safe and happy Hallowe’en.

Just a few reminders for the week:

*Geography- Quiz Wednesday

*Language- essay draft due Thursday

*P.A. Day (no school) Friday

*for those who have yet to bring in your interview forms.  Please bring them in tomorrow.

Agenda Items for Thursday October 27th

27 Oct

*Thank you to those who have brought back their Progress Report interview requests.  Please continue to bring them in.

Language– Mr. Stick Cartoons due tomorrow (you will have some time in class to work on them)

*For those who did not have their introductions done.  Please use the resources we looked at in-class today (shared in Google Classroom) to try again.  I will be checking intro. drafts again tomorrow

Math– Pattern Building- there is a homework practice opportunity posted on Google Classroom (last page of the lesson)

Agenda Items for Wednesday October 26th

26 Oct

*Progress Report interview requests were sent home today.  Please return them by Friday.

Math– Patterning and Algebra- Guess My Rule lesson and HW practice questions are posted on the Google Classroom site

Language– Personal Essay- please have your the draft of your introductory paragraph with TWO different leads ready to be checked tomorrow.

*Mr. Stick- due Friday

Geography (Population Density Map) and Science (Cells projects) are now overdue

*A reminder that the HWDSB Pathways Information Night is tonight!  Please refer to Monday’s post for a reminder of the details

Agenda Items for Tuesday October 25th

25 Oct


*Personal Essay- peer editing sheets overdue.  Please submit them ASAP

*Tomorrow you will be given time (in-class) to write two different leads for your intro. of your essay.  Remember you have your “Interesting Leads” practice sheet (paper copy or in your Google Docs) that you can use to keep practising.

*Mr. Stick cartoon due Friday

Geography– Population Density Maps are now overdue

Science- Cells Project due tomorrow



Agenda Items for Monday October 24th

24 Oct

A reminder about the Pathways information night on Wednesday.  I have re-posted the flyer below.


Math– tomorrow is the last day of our self-directed learning opportunity.

– Those who have been preparing to re-try skills from Number Sense or Measurement- be ready for your unit test.  Remember that you can bring one pages of notes to help you

-Those who have selected the logo design challenge- be prepared to hand in your project at the end of tomorrow

Language– Personal essay- peer editing sheet due tomorrow

-Night Gardener- Mr. Stick cartoon due Friday

Geography– Population Density Map assignment is due today.  Please submit digital copies on the Google Classroom site. (paper copies should already be in the in-bin)

Science– Cells project due Wednesday


Agenda Items for Thursday October 20th

20 Oct

Math– Self-Directed Learning Opportunity: today you chose your goal for the next 3 days in class.  A reminder that circles assignments are due on Tuesday and unit tests (Measurement or Number Sense) can be taken on Tuesday.  If you have things that you need to do at home to prepare for these deadlines, please do so.

Language– Personal Essay: draft of body paragraph #1 is due tomorrow.  Please check your Google Docs for examples that have been shared with you.

Geography– A reminder that your Population Density Maps are due on Monday

Science– Cells assignment due Wednesday

Agenda Items for Wednesday October 19th

19 Oct

Geography– ‘Population Density Map’ assignment due Monday (next Geography class).  No more time will be provided in class.

Language– final reminder about late Language assignments (Interview Assignment, RNB #3).  Tomorrow is the final day to hand these in, if they are going to be considered for Progress Reports

*Personal essay- for tomorrow, please have your potential topic and three possible paragraph ideas (based on the free writes that we did yesterday and today)

Science– Cells project due next Wednesday

Agenda Items for Tuesday October 18th

18 Oct

Language– A reminder that your interview assignment and RNB #3 are now considered late.  Please submit them by Thursday, if you want them considered for your Progress Report

Science– be prepared to work on your assignment in class tomorrow

Geography– tomorrow if your final period to work on your ‘Population Density Map’ assignment.  If you haven’t finished your rough copy, please finish tonight

Agenda Post for Monday October 17th

17 Oct

Language– Interview Assignment is due (hand in on the Google Classroom site) by the end of the day

*RNB #3 is now overdue.  Please submit ASAP

Math– Measurement quiz (circles) is tomorrow

Science– Cells assignment is due next Wednesday (Oct. 26th).  Please bring your materials so you can work on your project in class.

Geography– Population Density Map assignment will be due next Monday.  If you haven’t finished your rough copy yet, please do so by Wednesday (so you can create your good copy in class)

Agenda Items for Thursday October 13th

13 Oct

A reminder that we have our trip to McMaster tomorrow.

*bus leaves shortly after 9 am, so don’t be late

*please bring your Lawfield shirt and your lunch.  Concession stands will be open, if you want to bring some money

Math– circles quiz on Tuesday.  Review questions have been posted

Language– RNB #3 is due tomorrow.  Interview Assignment is due Monday.

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