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Pathways Information Night

29 Sep

See the attached flyer for details about the upcoming Pathways (High School)  Information Night on October 26th


Agenda Items for Thursday September 29th

29 Sep

*A reminder that Meet the teacher is tonight (5:00-6:30).  Hope to see you!

Math– Operations quiz tomorrow (order of operations with decimals and integers).

Language– All About Me lockers were due today.  No more class time will be provided.  When you are finished, remember to share a copy of your write-up with Mr. Thompson and let him know when you are ready to have your locker sealed

French– Stromae facts sheet is now overdue.  If you have not given your to Mme. Jones yet, please do so ASAP

**Fundraiser brochures were sent home today.  Remember to give it to your guardians.

Agenda Items for Wednesday September 28th

28 Sep

*A reminder that Meet the Teacher is tomorrow (Thursday) from 5:00-6:30

Math– review questions have been posted on our Google Classroom.  Tomorrow, in-class, we will take up questions 8 and 11-16.  Please continue to prepare for your quiz on Friday.

Language– a reminder that you have a one-day extension for your All About Me lockers.

*Grad Wear order forms were sent home today.  Please remember that samples to try on for sizing are available in the Phys. Ed. office at first nutrition break.  Samples will also be made available during Meet the Teacher.  Please note that Grad Wear orders are cash only.  Cash can be handed in to Mr. Thompson, Mr. Grant, or Mrs. Hofer.  Order due date is October 13th.

Agenda Items for Tuesday September 27th

27 Sep

Math– continue to work on your operations with integers practice sheets.  Tomorrow, you will get a review sheet that we will take up on Thursday in preparation for Friday’s quiz

Language– lockers due tomorrow.  You will have 20 mins. in class to put any finishing touches on your design or on your write-up. Please make sure you have all your items at school tomorrow

French– 7 facts about Stromei

*An updated version of the HWDSB’s Media Consent Agreement was sent home today.  Please bring it back signed ASAP

Agenda Items for Monday September 26th

26 Sep

Math– Integer lesson, videos, and practice questions are posted on the Google Classroom site.

*tomorrow, you will be asked to focus on a specific operation with integers (adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing).  To ensure you end up in the right group, please review tonight so you know which skill you want to work on

*next quiz is scheduled for Friday (order of operations, decimals, and integers)

Language– lockers are due Wednesday.  If you have not yet brought in your items for the inside, please bring them tomorrow

*A reminder that Meet the Teacher is this Thursday (5:00-6:30)

*Spirit Wear order forms were sent home today.  They are due October 13th. Please do not place your order until you have had a chance to try on sizes

*Please bring in your trip forms and money ($3) for our upcoming trip to McMaster University

Agenda Items for Wednesday September 21st

21 Sep

Language: Reader’s Notebook #2 is due by the end of the day (submitted in Google Classroom)

-All About Me Lockers are due next Wednesday, so start bringing in your items

Math– Operations with Decimals- practice questions, the lesson, and a few videos are posted in Google Classroom.

Tonight, pick one operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and practice.

Science– Lab reports due tomorrow

*Girls: Needle forms are due tomorrow

*Picture day tomorrow

*information about graduation was sent home today


Agenda Items for Tuesday September 20th

20 Sep

Language: A reminder that your second reader’s notebook entry is due tomorrow.  Please submit in on the Google Classroom site.  Feedback has been shared with you on your first entry.

*Star bringing in your items for you All About Me Locker assignment

Math: Order of Operations.  Please keep working on the practice questions provided.  Remember that you can find some samples on our Google Classroom site.

Science: Lab report due Thursday

*Girls: needle forms are due Thursday

*A reminder that picture day is Thursday.


agenda items for Monday September 19th

19 Sep

Math: different forms of numbers.  Be sure to complete the three questions assigned today and continue to practise using your calculator for exponents and square roots

*A reminder to those who missed Friday’s quiz: you are writing it tomorrow

Language: Reader’s Notebook entry #2 due on Wednesday.  Also, the last chance to hand in RNB #1 is Wednesday

Science: Lab questions due Thursda

French: finish your number review

*Ladies: please be sure to return your “needle form” by Thursday

Agenda Items for Thursday September 15th

15 Sep

Math– scientific notation and prime factorization quiz tomorrow.  To prepare, you have the following options:

*Check out the Google Classroom site for copies of the lessons, videos, and practice questions

*Update your notes

*Make a ‘cheat sheet’ to bring with you during your quiz

Language– Top 7 Lists (Reader’s Notebook entry 1 for the Night Gardener) is now late.  If you haven’t submitted your work on the Google Classroom site, please do so tonight

Phys. Ed.– we have Phys. Ed. tomorrow. Please bring the appropriate clothing

Agenda Items for Wednesday September 14th

14 Sep

Language– A reminder that your Reader’s Notebook entry #1 (Top 7 Lists) is due by the end of the day.  Please submit your entry by logging into Google Classroom, attaching your work to the assignment and clicking the ‘turn it in’ button.

Science– lab report due tomorrow

Math– please continue to work on your review for Friday’s quiz.  We will take up some questions tomorrow, in class.

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