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18 Oct

Welcome to Mr. Thompson’s Webpage!  Here you will find an online agenda, links to resources, and a school calendar to remind you about what is going on at Lawfield.

To use the site, please check out the links along the righ-hand side of the page.  Posts are organized by category.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at athompso@hwdsb.on.ca

Looking forward to an excellent school year!

Mr. Thompson

Agenda Items for Thursday April 20th

20 Apr

French– verbs re-test tomorrow.  Please use the provided resources to prepare

History– Louis Riel essay draft proposal is overdue.  Please complete it tonight so you are ready to start writing tomorrow

Math- Toy Truck project.  Your rough work for task 1 should be complete.  We will start task 2 tomorrow

Science– bring your boat stuff for your demonstration tomorrow

Music– March Madness activity is due.  Please finish

*orienteering practice tomorrow after school (3-4:30)

Agenda Items for Wednesday April 19th

19 Apr

Language– Analyzing Texts Culminating Task- please have your top three choices (of the type of text that you would like to create) for tomorrow

*Humans of Lawfield paragraphs due today

Math– Measurement Culminating task- One period to work on part 1 of your toy truck assignment.  Feel free to keep working on it at home, too

Science– bring materials for your boat by Friday

History – Louis Riel Essay Draft Proposal is now late. Please submit by Friday

Agenda Items for Tuesday April 18th

18 Apr

Math– tomorrow, we start part one of your Measurement culminating task.  Feel free to use the resources provided, if you want to get a head start

Language- analyzing texts assignments (week 1 and 2) are overdue.  If you haven’t submitted, please do so ASAP so that you have feedback to use for your culminating task

French– verbs re-test Friday

Science– finish quiz tomorrow (if you need to prepare, please do so

History– Louis Riel Essay outline due tomorrow

*Orienteering forms and money are overdue

*Ottawa trip forms due May 5


Agenda Items for Tuesday April 11th

11 Apr

Science– Fluids test tomorrow

Language– Analyzing Texts- Week 2 activity is now overdue

*bring back your orienteering forms ASAP.  Just a few spots left

*gym tomorrow

*Pink Day tomorrow

Agenda Items for Monday April 10th

10 Apr

Math– Volume and Capacity Check-in assessment tomorrow.  Please use the resources provided on Google Classroom to prepare

Science– Fluids unit test on Wednesday

Language– week 2 analyzing texts assignment is due today

*Phys. Ed. tomorrow (dress accordingly)

*keep bringing in your orienteering forms

Agenda Items for Thursday April 6th

06 Apr

Math– please continue to work on volume (resources are shared on Google Classroom).  We will take up some of the practice questions tomorrow

Language– Analyzing texts assignment 2 due Monday

*Red and White day tomorrow

*Bring back your orienteering forms

Agenda Items for Tuesday April 4th

04 Apr

Math– Surface Area check-in assessment tomorrow.  The resources are on Google Classroom to prepare.

Language– week 2 analyzing texts assignment is due on Monday.

Agenda Items for Monday April 3rd

03 Apr

Language– Editorial Reader’s Responses due today (please post on Google Classroom when finished)

*The steps for week 2’s task are posted on Google Classroom

Science– Lab report

French– test friday


Agenda Items for Wednesday March 29th

29 Mar

Math– Term 2 Unit Test tomorrow.  Please make sure you have your organizer filled out.  If you need to keep practising, refer to Google Classroom

Language– Instructional Texts Analysis questions due today

*For those who plan to participate in Friday’s We are Silent Day; bring in your loonies

Agenda Items for Tuesday March 28th

28 Mar

*Pita Pit day tomorrow (for those who ordered

*Bring in your Silent Day loonies by Thursday (if you want to participate on Friday

Math– review provided for Thursday’s Number Sense unit test.  Please use the review to prepare.  We will take up selected questions tomorrow

Language– text analysis assignment due tomorrow

Class 8A

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