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18 Oct

Welcome to Mr. Thompson’s Webpage!  Here you will find an online agenda where parents and students can review daily homework, due dates, and reminders about what is going on at Lawfield.

As a class, we will spend a few minutes at the end of each day updating the website (Monday-Thursday).

To use the site, please check out the links along the right-hand side of the page.  Posts are organized by category.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at athompso@hwdsb.on.ca

Looking forward to an excellent school year!

Mr. Thompson

Agenda Post for Thursday October 18th

18 Oct

Language– Interview Research Assignments are now overdue.  Please submit ASAP

*tomorrow is your last chance to submit your Business Card assignment.  After tomorrow, it will be considered 0

*Please sign up for an interview date for your Classroom Jobs Culminating Task

Math– Last day to work on Meas 1.5- Circle Applications. Tomorrow we will start our circle assignment.

Geography– All groups have now been given feedback on phases 1-3 of your inquiry assignment.  Presentations are due Monday October 29th

Agenda Post for Wednesday October 17th

17 Oct

Language– Interview Research Assignment is due today

*Classroom Jobs Application Culminating Task information has been posted.  Remember to sign up for an interview date

Math– Keep working on Meas 1.5- Circle Applications

Agenda Post for Tuesday October 16th

16 Oct

Language- Interview Research Assignment due tomorrow

Phys. Ed.– Fitness logs need to be filled out by Thursday

*student council nominees- your speeches are due tomorrow

*school photo orders (through the school) are due tomorrow

Agenda Post for Monday October 15th

15 Oct

Language– Interview Research Assignment is due Wednesday.  You will have one more period to work on this in class.

Math– Meas 1.5- Applications with Circles lesson and practice materials are posted.  We will work through this during the next few days

Agenda Post for Thursday October 11th

11 Oct

*Learning Skills Checklist is due today (submitted on Google Classroom)

Language– Interview Research Assignment instructions and assessment information has been posted.  Your due date for this task is Wednesday (Oct. 17th)

Math– we will finish up our focus on Area of a Circle tomorrow.  On Monday, we will have a quiz on the basics of circumference and area.

Geography– The next Geography class is Monday.  If you did not meet with me today, please be prepared for your phase 3 conference for Monday.

Agenda Items for Wednesday October 10th

10 Oct

Language– Business Card assignment is now considered late.  If you have not submitted yours yet, please do so ASAP.  We are starting our Interview assignment tomorrow.

MathCircumference lesson and practice resources are posted.

*preview of Area of a Circle lesson (which we will do tomorrow) is also posted

Geography– Phase 3 (meeting with me re: progress) starts tomorrow.  If you have not yet submitted Phases 1 and 2, you are now in danger of falling behind.

Science- Cell questions due today

Agenda Items for Tuesday October 9th

09 Oct

Language– Business Cards assignment is due today.  Please upload your template to Google Classroom

Math– Meas 1.2- Circle Basics.  Lesson and practice questions are posted

*Meas 1.3 (Circumference) is available for preview.  We will cover this tomorrow.

Agenda Post for Thursday October 4th

04 Oct

*Terry Fox Day is tomorrow (periods 1 and 2) for us.  Please dress to be outside

*Enjoy your night off from Math today.  You have earned a break after your unit test.  Tomorrow we will start Measurement (circles)

Geography- Phase 2 (Gathering and Organizing) of your inquiry project is due tomorrow

Language– Last call for business card questions (due today)

-business cards are due Tuesday

Agenda Post for Wednesday October 3rd

03 Oct

*Terry Fox day has been rescheduled for Friday (due to weather)

Math– Number Sense Unit test tomorrow.  Please bring your unit test organizer and your one page of notes to the test.

Language– Business Cards are due Tuesday.  I have attached template that you can use if you want yours printed in colour (standard size)

*Tomorrow is the last chance to ask Miss. Sun or Mme. Jones questions about their business card (you can post your question on Google Classoom)

Geography– Phase 2 is due Friday


Agenda Post for Tuesday October 2nd

02 Oct

*Student council application forms are due tomorrow

*please bring back your lunch permission forms ASAP

*October pizza orders are due Oct 9 (online or grab a form from Mr. Thompson)

Language– Business Cards are due Tuesday (Oct 9)

Math– Number Sense Unit Test will be Thursday.  Please fill out your organizer, make your notes, and continue to practice in preparation (new review questions posted)

French– posters due tomorrow

Class 8A

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