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18 Oct

Welcome to Mr. Thompson’s Webpage!  Here you will find an online agenda, links to resources, and a school calendar to remind you about what is going on at Lawfield.

To use the site, please check out the links along the righ-hand side of the page.  Posts are organized by category.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at athompso@hwdsb.on.ca

Looking forward to an excellent school year!

Mr. Thompson

Agenda Items for Wednesday June 14th

14 Jun

Health– final project due tomorrow

Visual Arts– all artwork must be posted to Google Classroom tomorrow if you want it considered as part of your report card mark

History– Phase 2 of your Unit 2 project needs to be submitted by Friday

Agenda Items for Monday June 12th

12 Jun

Language– A Monster Calls Culminating Task is now overdue.  It MUST be handed in by Tuesday to be considered for your report card

Math– Probability re-test is scheduled for Wednesday (tomorrow we will take up the Simulations assessment)

Health– final project due Thursday

Agenda Items for Wednesday June 7th

07 Jun

A reminder that tomorrow is the last chance to re-submit any assignments that have already been returned in an attempt to bump up marks.

History– Unit 2 Assignment must be submitted by the end of period 4 tomorrow

Language- A Monster Calls Culminating Task due tomorrow

Agenda Items for Tuesday June 6th

06 Jun

Language– A Monster Calls Culminating Task due Thursday

History– Unit 2 assignment due Thursday

Math– Simulations assessment tomorrow.  Use the practice package provided to practice and to prepare.

Agenda Items for Monday June 5th

05 Jun

Language– A Monster Calls  Culminating Task due Thursday

History– Unit 2 project (phase 1) due Thursday

Agenda Items for Thursday June 1

01 Jun

Final reminder that grad information (money and ticket requests) is overdue

Final reminder that athletic banquet information (permission forms, money, and table requests) is due tomorrow

Coding club: bring your forms in

Language– A Monster Calls post-book reader’s response is due today (and CT is due next Thursday)

History– your Unit 2 rough work (summary from chapter) should be done before Monday (see Google Classroom for my modelled example)

Agenda Items for Wednesday May 31st

31 May

*A reminder that all grad ticket requests and money should now be submitted.  If not, please get them in ASAP as they are considered late

*Athletic banquet forms, table requests, and money due Friday

Math– Pythagorean Theorem assessment tomorrow (use Google Classroom to help you prepare)

*Bonus opportunity from yesterday is still up for grabs

Language– A Monster Calls Post-Book Reading Response due today

*Today, we started our culminating task for Language.  A reminder that it is due next Thursday (see Google Classroom for instructions))

Agenda Items for Tuesday May 30th

30 May

*A reminder that today (11:59 pm) is the last chance to hand in any overdue assignments that have been posted on the wall.

Language– A Monster Calls Post-Book responses due Thursday

Math– Pythagorean Theorem lesson and practice questions are posted on Google Classroom

*remember: bonus marks for anyone who can find (without looking it up) the next smallest right-angled triangle with three whole number side lengths (besides 3, 4, and 5)

Agenda Items for Monday May 29th

29 May

Math– Polyhedra lesson (Euler’s formula) is posted on Google Classroom.  THose who completed the task in-class today, please hand in your chart.  You make have it back if you want to try the level 4 opportunity (build your own shapes)

Language– A Monster Calls- Post-Novel Response Activities are due Thursday

Art– Banyan Trees assignment should be handed in this week

History– All students who were at school today were assignment a topic and a group for the Unit 2 Task (Phase 1).  If you were absent today, please see me for a group/topic

*Athletic banquet forms and money due June 2

*Grad ticket requests and money due May 31st

Agenda Items for Tuesday May 16th

16 May

History– Unit 1 test tomorrow.  Please access Google Classroom for the lessons, a copy of the review, and a reminder of test format

Language– A reminder that A Monster Calls reading logs are due on Friday

*Sherwood people: trip forms for Thursday’s trip are due tomorrow

*Keep bringing in your grad ticket requests & $, late Ottawa trip forms & $, athletic banquet forms & $

Math– tomorrow we will take up the angle puzzles that you worked on in class today.  Assessment tentatively scheduled for Friday.

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